Board of Commissioners

Plymouth Township
Kurt Heise
Chair Person
(734) 354-3201

Canton Township
Anne-Marie Graham-Hudak
Vice Chair/Secretary
(734) 394-5185

Northville Township
Mark Abbo
(248) 662-0489

2024 WTUA Schedule of Meetings


Monday Jan. 22, 2024
Monday Feb. 26, 2024
Monday Mar. 25, 2024
Monday Apr. 22, 2024
Monday May 20, 2024*
Monday June 24, 2024
Monday July 22, 2024
Monday Aug. 26, 2024
Monday Sept. 23, 2024
Monday Oct. 28, 2024
Monday Nov. 18, 2024*
Monday Dec. 16, 2024*


9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am
9:00 am


Conference Room
40905 Joy Road
Canton, MI 48187

* Meeting date changed due to holiday
** Meeting time changed from 3:00 p.m.

Western Townships Utilities Authority will provide necessary reasonable auxiliary aids and services, such as signers for hearing impaired and tapes of printed materials being considered at the meeting to individuals with disabilities at the meeting/hearing upon two weeks notice to WTUA.  Individuals with disabilities requiring auxiliary aids or services should contact the Michigan Relay Center at (1-800-649-3777) or WTUA by writing or calling:

Aaron Sprague, Director
Western Townships Utilities Authority
40905 Joy Road
Canton, MI  48187
(734) 453-2793

Meeting Synopsis

May 20, 2024 (Regular Meeting)

The Regular Meeting was called to order at 9:00 a.m.  at WTUA Middle Rouge Offices located at 40905 Joy Road, Canton, MI 48187.
Present:  Heise, Graham-Hudak, Roosen
Agenda – adopted as presented.
Minutes of April 22, 2024 Regular Meeting - approved.
Schedule of disbursements for May 2024 totaling $991,730.25 and Pre-approved payroll for June 2024 of $26,135.33 – Approved.
Operations & Maintenance Report –Received and filed.
Director of Operations Report – Received and filed.
Financial Statements For Six Months Ended March 31, 2024 - Received and Filed.
Middle Rouge Pump #1 Repair - Approved.
North Pump Station Switchgear Maintenance - Approved.
Plante & Moran Audit Engagement Letter - Approved.
Regular meeting was adjourned at 9:24 am.

Kurt Heise, Chairman

This is a synopsis. A complete copy of the minutes may be reviewed at the WTUA offices located at 40905 Joy Road, Canton, MI 48187 (or) by downloading from the minutes downloads below

Minutes Downloads

Each archived edition of the minutes is provided in PDF format.  The free Adobe Acrobat Reader program is required to view and print the minutes.

Title Filename Action
4-22-2024 Regular Meeting 4-22-2024min.pdf Download
3-25-2024 Regular Meeting 03-25-2024min.pdf Download
2-26-2024 Regular Meeting 02-26-2024min.pdf Download
01-22-2024 Regular Meeting 01-22-2024min.pdf Download
12-18-2023 Regular Meeting 12-18-2023min.pdf Download
11-20-2023 Regular Meeting 11-23-2023min.pdf Download
10-23-2023 Regular Meeting 10-23-2023min.pdf Download
9-25-2023 Regular Meeting 9-23-2023min.pdf Download
8-28-2023 Regular Meeting 8-28-2023min.pdf Download
7-24-2023 Study Session 7-24-2023ssmin.pdf Download
7-24-2023 Regular Meeting 7-24-2023min.pdf Download
6-26-2023 Regular Meeting 6-26-2023min.pdf Download
5-22-2023 Regular Meeting 5-22-2023min.pdf Download
4-24-2023 Regular Meeting 4-24-2023min.pdf Download
3-27-2023 Regular Meeting 3-27-2023min.pdf Download
2-27-2023 Regular Meeting 2-27-2023min.pdf Download
1-23-2023 Regular Meeting 1-23-2023min.pdf Download
12-19-2022 Regular Meeting 12-19-2022min.pdf Download
11-21-2022 Regular Meeting 11-21-2022min.pdf Download
10-24-2022 Regular Meeting 10-24-2022min.pdf Download
09-26-2022 Regular Meeting 09-26-2022min.pdf Download
08-22-2022 Regular Meeting 08-22-2022min.pdf Download
07-25-2022 Regular Meeting 07-25-2022min.pdf Download
07-25-2022 Study Session 07-25-2022ssmin.pdf Download
06-27-2022 Regular Meeting 06-27-2022min.pdf Download
05-23-2022 Regular Meeting 05-23-2022min.pdf Download
04-25-2022 Regular Meeting 04-25-2022min.pdf Download
03-28-2022 Regular Meeting 03-28-2022min.pdf Download
02-28-2022 Regular Meeting 02-28-2022min.pdf Download
01-24-2022 Regular Meeting 01-24-2022min.pdf Download
12-20-2021 Regular Meeting 12-20-2021min.pdf Download
11-22-2021 Regular Meeting 11-22-2021min.pdf Download
10-25-2021 Regular Meeting 10-25-2021min.pdf Download
09-27-2021 Regular Minutes 09-27-2021min.pdf Download
08-23-2021 Regular Meeting 08-23-2021min.pdf Download
07-26-2021 Regular Meeting 07-26-2021min.pdf Download
07-26-2021 Study Session 07-26-2021ssmin.pdf Download
07-07-2021 Regular Meeting 07-07-2021min.pdf Download
05-24-2021 Regular Meeting 05-24-2021min.pdf Download
04-26-2021 Regular Meeting 04-26-2021min.pdf Download
03-22-2021 Regular Meeting 03-22-2021min.pdf Download
02-22-2021 Regular Meeting 02-22-2021min.pdf Download
01-25-2021 Regular Meeting 01-25-2021min.pdf Download
12-21-2020 Regular Meeting 12-21-2020min.pdf Download
11-23-2020 Regular Meeting 11-23-2020min.pdf Download
10-26-2020 Regular Meeting 10-26-2020min.pdf Download
09-28-2020 Regular Meeting 09-28-2020min.pdf Download
08-24-2020 Regular Meeting 08-24-2020min.pdf Download
07-27-2020 Study Session 07-27-2020ssmin.pdf Download
07-27-2020 Regular Meeting 07-27-2020min.pdf Download
06-22-2020 Regular Meeting 06-22-2020min.pdf Download
05-18-2020 Regular Meeting 05-18-2020min.pdf Download
04-27-2020 Regular Meeting 04-27-2020min.pdf Download
03-23-2020 Regular Meeting 03-23-2020min.pdf Download
02-23-2020 Regular Meeting 02-23-2020min.pdf Download
01-27-2020 Regular Meeting 01-27-2020min.pdf Download
12-27-2019 Regular Meeting 12-27-2019min.pdf Download
11-25-2019 Regular Meeting 11-25-2019min.pdf Download
10-28-2019 Regular Meeting 10-28-2019min.pdf Download
09-23-2019 Regular Meeting 09-23-2019min.pdf Download
08-26-2019 Regular Meeting 08-26-2019min.pdf Download
07-22-2019 Study Session 07-22-2019ssmin.pdf Download
07-22-2019 Regular Meeting 07-22-2019min.pdf Download
06-26-2019 Regular Meeting 06-26-2019min.pdf Download
05-20-2019 Regular Meeting 05-20-2019min.pdf Download
04-22-2019 Regular Meeting 04-22-2019min.pdf Download
03-25-2019 Regular Meeting 03-25-2019min.pdf Download
02-25-2019 Regular Meeting 02-25-2019min.pdf Download
01-28-2019 Regular Meeting 01-28-2019min.pdf Download

Previous Minutes can be obtained by calling Sandra Forrest at 734-453-2793