In 1986, the Western Townships Utilities Authority (WTUA) was formed by the Charter Townships of Canton, Northville and Plymouth. It was established to identify an alternate means of providing sanitary sewer services and wastewater treatment for the townships other than that provided by the Rouge Valley Sewage Disposal System and the Detroit Water and Sewer Department. The Authority was incorporated by the townships to acquire, construct, finance, purchase, own, improve, enlarge, extend and operate a sewage disposal system to meet the existing and future needs of these communities. WTUA is governed by a Board of Commissioners consisting of the Supervisor of each of the three townships.

During the first decade of operation, WTUA constructed and/or acquired a wastewater collection and transportation system to meet the growing needs of its three member communities. This system is primarily comprised of 27 miles of large diameter interceptor sewers; a 60 mgd lift station and a 35 mgd pump station both with underground retention basins; and about 18 miles of force main sewers pipes.

In October 2000, WTUA signed a long-term agreement with Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA) for the provision of wastewater treatment services for future flows. The project involved a 17 mgd expansion of the existing 29 mgd treatment plant.   The expansion was completed in 2007. For more details on the Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority (YCUA), please visit the YCUA web site.